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Those screams of excitement as the latest chart-topping band takes the stage? They’re music to our ears. That’s because we know Kids Up Front kids are getting the thrill of a lifetime as well as all the exciting benefits a live-music experience can provide.

Although we are not able to currently offer live music experiences, we are committed to providing our programs to our kids and families while they stay safe at home. Enjoy music-related activities, lessons, and videos!


Singing Like a Star

Lesson #1 – Breathing

Lesson #2 – Pitch & Listening

Lesson #3 – Tone & Phrasing

Lesson #4 – Rockstar Warmup

Dancing with Devyn

Hip Hop Combination

Jazz Funk Combo

Hip Hop

Holiday Dance

Music Crafts

Show off your love of music with these vibrant paper music notes.

Recommended for ages 4-8

Get an introduction to the notes of a major scale with this clever homemade piano.

Recommended for ages 4-8

Amplify your voice with this fun, simple kazoo.

Recommended for ages 2-6

Decorate and then assemble your own hand made instrument.

Recommended for ages 6-10

Experiment with different sounds from different items in your creation.

Recommended for ages 3-8

Printable Activities

Colouring Pages

Word Searches

About the Noteworthy Program

The Noteworthy program gives children and youth across Canada access to music. Through this program, Kids Up Front has been able to provide 8,000 children from 500 social service agencies across Canada with an unforgettable musical experience.

Access to music has many positive benefits for children and youth. It helps them to establish relationships between music and education that will inspire, challenge, and entertain. This program gives participants the potential to be future performers and ignite creativity that can lead kids to a life-long connection to music.