Our Causes

You can help lots of people by donating little. See our causes.
What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

Your donation is more than a ticket. It’s an opportunity to go out, create bonds, feel included, and have experiences that allow the recepients to have fun and enjoy being kids.

How does it work?

How does it work?

We receive your ticket donation, and we distribute them to our partnering local child-serving agencies. Our partners ensure your donations are deliver to recipients who would benefit most!


Can’t use your tickets?

We know awesome kids who can! Instead of an empty seat, let’s share the magic with a deserving child or youth. We accept tickets to sports, concerts, and everything in between!


Donate Blood & Save a Life

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Become a Volunteer

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What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

You should warn people in advance about how great the seats are. The boys’ and girls’ jaws dropped and it took them one full period before they could recover from the shock of their good fortune. They absolutely adored the experience. One kid, in particular, born of a rather dysfunctional and impoverished family, and who considers the Leafs to be his RELIGION, was almost in tears of joy. Thank you and to the donors for providing such profound experience for the youth (and for me too!).

StevenExecutive Director, Boundless

When I contacted a family and offered them the opportunity to go to a Hitmen game, they were most pleased. They shared that they can never give their family this opportunity because they cannot afford to send all 8 of their children to events. When I told the children, they jumped for joy saying they have never been to a game before. They were so excited to return to the school and tell me all about their day at the Hitmen game. This excitement is exactly why we love this partnership.

Calgary SchoolSocial Support Worker

He had never been to a hockey game. We simply could not spend the money to buy tickets for ourselves. Thanks to Kids Up Front, he was able to attend a game with his community support aide person and had an absolutely wonderful time. He has been talking about hockey ever since and has even started to take ice skating lessons which he loves.

Grateful MomBoys & Girls’ Club of Toronto

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Make Homemade Oreos with Katelin Bland

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