Agency Application

At Kids Up Front, we believe that all kids should have access to enriching and exciting experiences such as sporting, arts, and cultural events. With the help of more than 1,300 partner agencies across the country, we are changing lives by providing access to events just like these to children and youth. Our programs give families a chance to be engaged, included and active which are critical to human happiness. When you support Kids Up Front you are contributing to a healthier and more inclusive community for children and youth to grow up in.

Kids Up Front is making communities stronger by allowing everyone within them to enjoy what they have to offer. Communities benefit from having engaged citizens, strengthening of community values, and inspiring future leaders.

How to become an agency?



The application process start with talking to one of our Program Coordinators to make sure you qualify. Once you’ve done that, we’ll send you the link to our application form.


Register your Coordinator

Once your application has been accepted, we’ll ask you to register the people that will coordinate the experiences on your side. You can choose more than one person.


Get Trained

Each coordinator must take an online or in person orientation to be able to receive opportunities. In this orientation, they will learn the processes and policies that need to be follow for the best experience.

Start the process

You should warn people in advance about how great the seats are. The boys’ and girls’ jaws dropped and it took them one full period before they could recover from the shock of their good fortune. They absolutely adored the experience. One kid, in particular, born of a rather dysfunctional and impoverished family, and who considers the Leafs to be his RELIGION, was almost in tears of joy. Thank you and to the donors for providing such profound experience for the youth (and for me too!).

Steven, Executive Director, Boundless

When I contacted a family and offered them the opportunity to go to a Hitmen game, they were most pleased. They shared that they can never give their family this opportunity because they cannot afford to send all 8 of their children to events. When I told the children, they jumped for joy saying they have never been to a game before. They were so excited to return to the school and tell me all about their day at the Hitmen game. This excitement is exactly why we love this partnership.

Calgary School, Social Support Worker

He had never been to a hockey game. We simply could not spend the money to buy tickets for ourselves. Thanks to Kids Up Front, he was able to attend a game with his community support aide person and had an absolutely wonderful time. He has been talking about hockey ever since and has even started to take ice skating lessons which he loves.

Grateful Mom, Boys & Girls’ Club of Toronto

The impact on our organization has been monumental - these events are often the introduction for our residents to other parts of the city and the exciting opportunities they offer. These events not only give our residents a chance to explore the city, but also increase their sense of belonging in their new home. We are so thankful for the work that you do in offering our families the chance to experience Toronto in ways that they wouldn't be able to otherwise. Thank you for welcoming them. Your work is significant and exceptionally meaningful to the Romero House community!

Erika Toffelmire, Romero House