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Key Programs Benefits

  • For CHILDREN, Kids Up Front provides new opportunities that educate and inspire. Kids Up Front allows ALL children to participate and feel included. Children benefit from developing a sense of belonging; learning to engage with others; building their self esteem; and knowing that people care.

  • For FAMILIES, Kids Up Front gives parents and caregivers a break from challenges at home and allows them to benefit from feeling valued by having the means to give their child a special experience. Families benefit from sharing constructive leisure activities; encouraging positive social interaction between parents, children and siblings; and healing and strengthening relationships.
  • For COMMUNITY AGENCIES, Kids Up Front decreases pressure on more than 550 child-serving organizations and enhances services by providing much needed arts, cultural and recreational opportunities for the youth they are committed to.

  • For our COMMUNITIES, Kids Up Front is making communities stronger. Kids Up Front is allowing those typically excluded to enjoy what their community has to offer. Communities benefit from having engaged citizens; strengthening of community values; and inspiring future leaders.

Programs Impacts

We know that families facing barriers in Canada participate far less than higher-income families. Kids Up Front addresses this discrepancy by providing access to activities and events that enhance the quality of life for children, youth and families facing multiple barriers and challenges. Our program gives families a chance to be engaged, included and active which are critical to human happiness.  When you support Kids Up Front you are contributing to a healthier and more inclusive community for children and youth to grow up in.

The true impact is seen in the feedback we receive from children, youth and families following the events.

“The impact on our organization has been monumental - these events are often the introduction for our residents to other parts of the city and the exciting opportunities they offer. These events not only give our residents a chance to explore the city, but also increase their sense of belonging in their new home. We are so thankful for the work that you do in offering our families the chance to experience Toronto in ways that they wouldn't be able to otherwise. Thank you for welcoming them. Your work is significant and exceptionally meaningful to the Romero House community!”
Erika Toffelmire
Romero House

Programs Sponsors

CIBC Theatre For All

CIBC Theatre for All enables Kids Up Front to remove barriers and give underserved kids the gift of experiencing a live arts production – theatre, dance, opera or symphony. With this initiative, CIBC becomes Kids Up Front Canada’s primary corporate partner in providing access to live arts performances.

CORUS Entertainment

A founding partner of Kids Up Front Foundation, Corus Entertainment keeps everyone in the loop on all things Kids Up Front by sponsoring public service announcements on local radio stations. They also generously provide office space for Kids Up Front Toronto.

The Shaw Newcomer Pass

Kids Up Front Canada and Shaw Communications have teamed up to bring 20,000 new Canadians to world class events. Over the next two years, the Shaw Newcomer Pass Program will include and engage families new to Canada by connecting them to arts, culture and sport.

TD Noteworthy

Those screams of excitement as the latest chart-topping band takes the stage? They’re music to our ears. That’s because we know Kids Up Front kids are getting the thrill of a lifetime – and all the benefits a live-music experience can provide.

Other Supporters