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Who We Are

Kids Up Front is a charitable organization that provides access to arts, culture and sport for children who otherwise do not have the opportunity. Kids Up Front reaches children and families in need through our innovative program by distributing tickets, classes and passes to more than 550 charitable partners in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Vision – A world in which all kids have access to enriching experiences.

Mission – Kids Up Front distributes tickets to arts, culture and sporting events to deserving kids and their families. 

Values – Collaboration, Integrity, Inclusion, Fun, Agility 


Kids Up Front Foundation is committed to operating with the highest integrity and in a fiscally responsible manner compliant with Imagine Canada’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.


Kids Up Front Foundation is a charitable organization that provides access to arts, culture, sport and recreation for children who otherwise do not have the opportunity to experience them.

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Our Story


When John Dalziel looked around Calgary’s Saddledome one night in 1999, he
saw more than a sea of empty seats. He saw possibility. Why not put those unused
tickets into the hands of kids who may never have the chance to be there live when
the hometown team wins a big game or when their favourite band comes to town?

John Dalziel
Kids Up Front Founder

“I looked around and saw so many empty seats and I knew that those seats had been paid for and that those tickets were probably in somebody’s desk. I was determined to fill those seats with kids and their families that wouldn’t normally have a chance to go.”

Create Opportunities

Opportunity is a very powerful thing. It can open doors, inspire minds and alter lives.

At Kids Up Front, we get to see the power of opportunity every day simply by sharing it – in the form of your donated tickets – with children who could really use a boost. A big-league hockey game. A sold-out concert. A day of hands-on learning at a museum or gallery. Kids Up Front offers all of these experiences – and more – through the generosity of donors large and small who believe that we’re all made better when children feel like they’re part of the action.

Looking back on our successes – an astounding 1.5 million tickets and $50 million in ticket value shared over 16 years – only makes us more excited about our future. Soon we’ll be opening two new chapters – in Ottawa and Atlantic Canada – to provide even more rewarding and inspirational experiences to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

We’re always on the lookout for new partners – people and organizations that believe in the power of opportunity – and the very big lift one little ticket can provide. If you’d like to be one of them, please get in touch. We’d love to have you join us.

Warmest regards,

Jim Hourigan
Kids Up Front Board of Directors